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"An unitary" or "an union" or "an university" were used in the 18th century, but now "a" rather than "an" is standard when the initial sound is "yoo".

Naming convention[edit]

HTML math[edit]

Minus sign[edit]

Use [−1,1] instead of [-1,1]. The little hyphen is too short to be a minus sign.



instead of

Mapping arrows[edit]

When you want to define the domain and codomain of the mapping use

but when you define the actual mapping function use

Standard function names[edit]


instead of

to prevent the function names from looking like a variable.

Imaginary unit[edit]

The imaginary unit i should not be confused with the common variable i. So to make the imaginary unit look different it is better to write


Embedded fractions[edit]

When a fraction is in a superscript or otherwise deeply embedded within some other notation, it is often more legible like this

than like this




rather than

Sets defined by using braces[edit]

This is another place where small spacing adjustments make notation look better. This

is better than this

Rate of change: The relationship between two numbers that are changing. To find it, you must divide. Formula: change in dependent variable/change in independent variable. Information by Daron Brown.

Probability: tells how likely something will happan. ex. The probability of a die landing on 4. Information by Daron Brown.

Equation: a math sentence that has an equal sign. ex. x + 3 = 10