List of the most popular names in the 2000s in the United States

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These are the most popular given names of newborns in the United States for all years of the 2000s.

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Last
1 Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Steady
2 Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Ethan Increase
3 Matthew Matthew Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Ethan Ethan Michael Decrease
4 Joshua Joshua Matthew Matthew Matthew Matthew Ethan Joshua Joshua Alexander Increase
5 Christopher Christopher Ethan Andrew Ethan Ethan Matthew Daniel Daniel William Increase
6 Nicholas Nicholas Andrew Joseph Andrew Andrew Daniel Christopher Alexander Joshua Decrease
7 Andrew Andrew Joseph Ethan Daniel Daniel Christopher Anthony Anthony Daniel Decrease
8 Joseph Joseph Christopher Daniel William Anthony Andrew William William Jayden Increase
9 Daniel Daniel Nicholas Christopher Joseph Christopher Anthony Matthew Christopher Noah Increase
10 Tyler William Daniel Anthony Christopher Joseph William Andrew Matthew Christopher Decrease
1 Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emma Isabella Increase
2 Hannah Madison Madison Emma Emma Emma Emma Isabella Isabella Emma Decrease
3 Madison Hannah Hannah Madison Madison Madison Madison Emma Emily Olivia Increase
4 Ashley Ashley Emma Hannah Olivia Abigail Isabella Ava Madison Sophia Increase
5 Sarah Alexis Alexis Olivia Hannah Olivia Ava Madison Ava Ava Steady
6 Alexis Sarah Ashley Abigail Abigail Isabella Abigail Sophia Olivia Emily Decrease
7 Samantha Samantha Abigail Alexis Isabella Hannah Olivia Olivia Sophia Madison Decrease
8 Jessica Abigail Sarah Ashley Ashley Samantha Hannah Abigail Abigail Abigail Steady
9 Taylor Elizabeth Samantha Elizabeth Samantha Ava Sophia Hannah Elizabeth Chloe Increase
10 Elizabeth Olivia Olivia Samantha Elizabeth Ashley Samantha Elizabeth Chloe Mia Increase