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Expectations vs. Reality[edit]

I am writing this page to explain why West Papua has been mis-understood and mis-represented.

We all have romantic ideals that we hope our governments can live up to; but the truth is that all governments will do whatever they believe is in it's best interest at the time. And in many affairs they relay upon the advice of others who claim to be neutral experts in their field.


  • Aust. government talked into what is now known as the 'Stolen Generation' policy. An awafull thing, but the experts of the day said it was the best thing for the children involved.
  • A number of US State governments were talked into eugenics programs, unthinkable today, but their experts assured them it was the best thing for the nation.

And in both cases, nobody wanted to know about it. The victims in Australia didn't get their voices heard until 60 years after despite their being every government record about it all; the public just didn't want to believe. In the US, the same thing, victims who'd been sterilized in the 1950's where still mostly unknown of in the 1980's.

Some people will repress the information because they don't believe it; even the Govt.'s own records only mean its something these people don't want others to believe, so they act accordingly. And maybey that's what's motivating Wik and John to vandalise the West Papua article. But that they are vandalising and removing vital key elements, that they are trying to dis-credit the truth is a fact.

West Papua[edit]

The US was worried about the Soviet Union in the 1960's, they really did believe in the Domino Theory. The US President probably had no idea that his 'experts' were far from neutral when the West Papua issue arose, that they had invested a decade of their time in Indonesia before the Kennedy administration came into power;, they would rather a million black people lose their independance; than risk over ten years work in Indonesia by not supporting their claim. The US Govt. and the JFK records both confirm that the President believe it was in his nations best interest.